For the enjoyment of all our guests

Resort Guidelines

  • Campground fees are payable at registration. Check-in time is at 2:00 pm. Checkout time is 12:00 pm.
  • For extended stays, please re-register before 11:00 am
  • Quiet Hours 10:00 pm to 8:00 am are strictly enforced. Visitors must leave by 10:00 pm
  • All visitors must check-in and out with office and leave the campground by 10:00 pm. Overnight visitors/vehicles must be registered and paid for in advance.
  • We do not offer tent or pop-up camping.
  • Children and teenagers must be on their site under parental supervision by 10:00 pm.
  • Please check your hose connections for leaks. We turn off water leaks, please fix to eliminate leaks before turning the water back on.
  • Discharging of firearms or fireworks is strictly forbidden.
  • No open fires allowed.
  • Rules pertaining to the use of the pool are posted. Swim at your own risk.
  • Only one recreational vehicle per site.
  • 2 vehicles max per site
  • Maximum of 6 overnight occupants per site, only 4 of which may be adults. Additional charges may apply.
  • Maximum 4 day guests (additional fee may apply).
  • Keep campsites free of debris. Dispose of trash in the nearest dumpster.
  • We love our trees. Please treat them kindly by not hanging or tying anything to them or abusing them in any manner.
  • No car or RV washing.
  • All persons must have a valid drivers license to operate motor vehicles in the campground. Children shall not drive any motorized vehicle in the campground. This includes golf carts.
  • Please do not park on the grass, visitor parking is restricted to designated areas only.
  • The operation of motorized scooters, ATVs, minibikes or any unlicensed motorized vehicle is prohibited on campground property.
  • Remove keys from all vehicles when not in use.
  • Golf carts must be registered and compliant with Galveston’s golf cart ordinance.

We recognize pets to be an integral part of the family. However, no aggressive pets or any that have previously bitten or attacked people or other pets are allowed. Due to insurance requirements, breeds of dogs which are by nature, history, or perception aggressive, such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, German Shepherds, and Wolf Hybrids, are not permitted.

  • Owners must pick up after their pets.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash and under the owner’s control at all times.
  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area or any park building, including restrooms and showers.
  • Owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior.
  • If you leave, please take your pets with you. Pets may not be left unattended.
  • If your pet is creating a problem, the management will require that the owner take appropriate action, including requesting that the guest vacate the premises.

Please note our cancellation policies:

1) The online reservation fee is non-refundable.

2) Holidays and Special Events are paid in full, refunded only with a 14-day advance written notice prior to arrival.

3) Regular reservations may be canceled and refunded with 72 hours of advance written notice prior to arrival.

4) There are no refunds for no-shows or early check-outs.

5) All cancellation requests must be in writing and emailed to [email protected]